April 2019 – Meeting Minutes


Board of Directors

Greater Honesdale Partnership

April 3, 2019

Attending: Shane Ellis, Kim Fisch, Mary Carol Hanis, Jill Hessling, Tim Meagher, Jolee Motichka, Michael G Stanton, Michael Rogers, Dustin Werner-Fazio, and Brian Wilken, Tim Wright

President: Keith Williams

Non-Attending: Al Beck, Patti Bursis, Melissa Cotreau, Jack Dinan, Michael Dux, Amy Lacinski, Joy Shulatta,

President Brian Wilken called the meeting to order at 7:50 am.

Brian called for an Executive Session. Board Meeting resumed at 8:10 am.

Secretary’s report: Motion to approve, Tim Meagher, second by Joelee Motichka. All approved.

Treasurer’s report: No report

Committee Reports:

  • Administrative: No report
  • Environmental: No report
  • Events:
  • Committee meeting April 9 at 5:30 pm at the GHP office.
  • Discussion regarding the need to start raising funding for fireworks. During conversation, a suggestion was made to have the board members be assigned five business to visit, and secure donations for the fireworks. This way it would alleviate some of the work from Keith and Lisa. The attending board members were in agreeance. Keith will be revising the tiered level sponsorship form starting with a $100.00 level and up. In addition, we will be looking into the possibility of starting up a Go-Fund-Me page for the community to donate.
  • Marketing: Dustin working on new RFP
  • Membership:
  • Keith sent out letters to the members on the map that are not current with membership dues.
  • Discussion regarding how to structure membership fees for individuals owning multiple businesses. After some conversation, there was a request for a motion to be made to approve “Membership dues based on the Business Structure of an EIN. A fee of $250.00 for the first business under the EIN and $100.00 for each additional business under that EIN”. Motion made by Joelee Motichka, second by Mike Rogers. All approved.
  • Keith spoke on the House of Worship memberships and how less than half of the churches pay the non-profit fee of $125.00. He recommended that non-paying would get their name and address listed and paying members would get name, address, phone number and website listed. The board agreed.
  • Keith asked how we felt about the lodging entities paying membership dues since we receive support from the Hotel Tax. The board felt that they should pay, as the consumer is the one paying the Hotel Tax and not the entity. In addition, he wanted to know how we felt with continuing the Reciprocal Membership agreements. i.e. Chamber, WCAA, WEDCO. The board felt we should.

Keith’s Report:

  • Reviewed the Meetings and Events for Keith during March.
  • Honesdale Brochure/Map – Quality Printing is redoing the cover page. Goal is to have data to Spencer Printing by April 12. Printed and distribution to begin by mid-May.
  • One-Ask sponsorship has not been received well with the GHP Members. Keith and Lisa are developing tiers for event sponsorship.
  • Website upgrade is getting close to launch. It should be before the next board meeting.
  • Honesdale Digital Map (Google Map Platform). We have received a quote of $2350 from Derek Williams. Looking to Commissioners for financial support on this project.

Old Business:

Amended slate of Officers for 2019:

President: Brian Wilken

Vice President: Tim Meagher

Secretary: Jill Hessling

Treasurer: Al Beck

Brian Wilken, Tim Meagher, Jill Hessling and Al Beck will be the signers on the checking accounts at the Honesdale National and Dime Banks. Accounts are to be two signers require. Motion to approve was made by Joelee Motichka, second by Dustin Werner-Fazio, all approved.

New Business:

  • The May 11 Car Cruise to be held at the Visitor’s Center. Jeff is looking into getting a food vendor. The remaining Car Cruises will be at the park on Court St.
  • Permits for the events are currently due. Brian will be working with Lisa to obtain them.
  • Our July meeting is tentatively set for June 26, 2019, due to the July 3 meeting being in a holiday week and many of the board members being unable to attend.

The meeting adjourned at 9:20am on a motion by Brian Wilken second by Tim Wright.

Our next meeting will be May 1, 2019 at 7:45 am in the Community Room at the Visitor’s Center.