Board of Directors

Greater Honesdale Partnership

June 12, 2019


Attending: Patti Bursis, Melissa Cotreau, Jack Dinan, Michael Dux, Kim Fisch, Mary Carol Hanis, Jill Hessling, Jeff Hiller, Tim Meagher, Joelee Motichka, Joy Shulatta, Brian Wilken, and Tim Wright

Director: Lisa Burns

Intern: Lilian Slate

Non-Attending: Al Beck, Shane Ellis, Amy Lacinski, Michael G Stanton, Michael Rogers


President Brian Wilken called the meeting to order at 7:45 AM.


Secretary’s report: Motion to approve, Jeff Hiller, second by Kim Fisch. Motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s report: Motion to approve, Joelee Motichka, second by Brian Wilken. Motion Passed unanimously.


Lisa’s Report:

  • Honesdale Brochure shipped on 05/13/2019 and distributed.
  • Fireworks funding has been secured. In addition, thank you letters have been sent to the sponsors. The insurance for the fireworks display has been updated.
  • The website is currently up to date. Serena is working on getting Facebook, Instagram and YouTube added to the website.
  • Discussion on whether we should add a listing of vacant storefronts to the website. Thoughts on whether we should ask the owners if we could decorate the storefronts for a better visual appearance in town?
  • The Honesdale Digital Map is currently on hold due to lack of funding.
  • The RFP (logo and slogan), has one proposal to date.
  • Interns Lillian Slate and Serena Durdach with be with the GHP for ten weeks. Workforce Alliance will pay them $10.35 per hour for eight weeks; GHP will pay them for two.
  • Lisa recently attended a seminar in Erie PA regarding Community Revitalization. I have attached the “Community Revitalization 101” handout. Lisa will be meeting with Paul on Thursday June 13 to discuss Community Revitalization.

How this will benefit the GHP:

  1. Be a member of this organization.
  2. We will be eligible for DCED Grants, in addition to having professional individual assisting us with obtaining grants.
  3.  The Organization could send individuals to assist with work plans in the development of the economics in Honesdale.
  4. Membership would allow the GHP to send three individuals to this seminar.
  5. GHP will become an economic engine for Honesdale

What we need to do:

  1. Become a member.
  2. GHP is a 501(c)6 entity; we will need to join forces with a 503(c)1 entity. Lisa has already had conversations with Mary Beth Wood at WEDCO; Mary Beth thru WEDCO has offered to assist us.
  3. We will need to have a solid Vision Statement.

This is just a tiny piece of the opportunities we will have to improve and grow Honesdale through this organization.


Committee Reports:

Environmental: Banners

  • Patty has the Park Banners ready to be put up in the park for the weekend of the 15th, if she gets the go ahead. A motion to put up the banners was made by Joelee and second by Kim. Motion passed unanimously.
  • The Church St Bridge still has the Winter Banners up. Joelee said we are waiting on the lift to remove them. There was a discussion regarding the need to find alternative ways to hang the banners on the bridge.
  • There was a discussion regarding the condition of the fall banners. Patty is waiting on a price for new fall banners.


Sidewalk Sales:

  • Kim Frisch and Brian Batten attended the June 10 Borough meeting to peruse the permits for Sidewalk Sales.
  • Restaurant Crawl is finalized. Participating restaurants will do a $5.00 appetizer for the customers that stop in with their App Pass. The Crawl will run Thursday through Sunday.
  • Kim did an article on Sidewalk Sales Days of Old and The Women’s Club of Honesdale for the Tab.
  • There was discussion on members having storefronts wanting to let their employees set up in front of their businesses to sell items not relating to that business. Per previous discussion the answer was no. However, being that business owner owns the sidewalk in front of their business we cannot tell them they cannot allow their staff to set up a vendor booth in front of their business. We have to allow this as long as the storefront is on Main St. Member businesses that are off Main St. that wish to use their free space on Main St cannot sublet it to another vendor.


  • Melissa spoke about the Tabs, and how the Tab was only halfway booked, if we fall short on fully booking the Tab the GHP will have to pay the deficit.
  • There was some discussion on doing the Tab as an app in the future.
  • Brian commented on the tremendous amount of advertising Bold Gold Media is doing for us as well.


The meeting adjourned at 9:20am.

The next board meeting will be July 10, 2019 at 7:45 am in the Community Room at the Visitor’s Center.


Jill Hessling