Dear Members,


These are challenging times. The COVID-19 virus is influencing the entire country and even Honesdale. We have faced many challenges before as a community, I’m sure we will weather this storm as well. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has chosen to close all non-essential businesses. While it is not exactly clear what is and is not non-essential, at this very moment.  I wanted to let you know we are doing the best we can to help you at this time. Lisa Burns our Director is doing an excellent job staying in communication with The Wayne County Commissioners, Honesdale Borough officials, The Chamber of the Northern Poconos and WEDCO. I have been told that some form of assistance will be available for local business, as we get further details about that specific information, we will inform you. The one thing that is most important to me and the organization is you and your families. Make sure you are following the best practices, hand washing, avoiding people if you are sick and drinking lots of water.  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Lisa or me we will try to help as best that we can. I have always been amazed by the spirit of Honesdale, we have faced floods and fires, economic ups and downs, blizzards and yes even other viruses yet through it all that resilient spirit carries us through. As we have more solid information, we will let you know.


Brian Wilken