Downtown Honesdale Revitalization, Inc., doing business as the Greater Honesdale Partnership, (GHP) resides in the Borough of Honesdale, Wayne County, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The purposes for which GHP is organized are to encourage the preservation and improvement of the downtown area of the Borough of Honesdale and positively influence the surrounding communities of Wayne County, Pennsylvania.

In 2020, GHP’s Design Committee made up of Borough Councilmen, local business owners and GHP Board of Directors hired Consultants Derck & Edson, Lititz, PA to complete a Downtown Honesdale Revitalization Plan. The Revitalization Plan was completed in March 2021 with two affirming Resolutions from the Honesdale Borough and GHP Board of Directors.

Creating the plan consisted of gathering what the community wants to see happen in Honesdale and surrounding areas.  Over 850 surveys identified the communities desired leading projects as:

1) Main Street sidewalks, crosswalks, streetscape, lighting, and signage from Fourth Street to Park Street for nine blocks and a length of approximately 3,300 feet,

2) Two plaza designs to create multi-purpose pedestrian-oriented event spaces one to connect Main Street with Central Park and the other to connect the Lackawaxen River Trail to Main Street.

While gathering input GHP also requested information from local non-profits and organizations. Specifically, collaboration with The Lackawaxen River Project demonstrated the need to connect the trail plan with the Downtown Revitalization Plan. The 12th Street Plaza resulted from this discussion.

3) a parking structure located between Torrey Lane and Commercial Street.

Currently, there is a housing shortage in Wayne County and Honesdale due to current parking restrictions, property owners cannot renovate their upper floors into rentable spaces. The six-year plan provides a roadmap to build this parking structure and alleviate restrictions allowing property owners the freedom to renovate bringing much needed housing stock to the market.

It is exciting to know these realized goals will positively impact Honesdale Borough residents, business owners, and visitors by improving and enlivening the core downtown.  It will be safer to walk, ride, fish, gather, cross streets and bike for all residents, visitors, and employees in Wayne County. Our elderly and young families will be able to safely exercise improvement in their social, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

Finally, GHP intends to address all identified priorities with this plan but recognizes these changes must be completed in phases.