Project Description

Dr. Rogers and his wife, April have been married since 1987 and have two daughters and a son. In his free time, Dr. Rogers enjoys the outdoors, skiing, horseback riding, snow shoeing and playing lacrosse. He also enjoys spending quality time with his wife and family. Dr. Rogers participates in Relay for Life and Halloween Candy Buy Back program which his team uses to help kids in the community have a direct connection with our troops abroad. He also partners with Horizon Dental to provide free dental care to individuals in need through Dentistry from the Heart. In addition, Dr. Rogers does many dental education programs throughout the community including in the schools, preschools and senior centers.

Dr. Rogers is a Board Member of the Greater Honesdale Partnership where his efforts on the Event Committee keep him extremely busy. You can find him setting up events, discussing GHP and Honesdale with event attendees, handing out candles with his wife, April during Winter Wonderland and helping wherever he can. His love for Honesdale and commitment to GHP is why Dr. Michael Rogers is our Volunteer of the Month.