Project Description

Brian Wilken, 2019 Board of Directors President, has hit the ground running.

Since January he has tirelessly worked on enhancing Honesdale’s strongest assets and bringing new value to membership with GHP. With Board approval he hired a new Executive Director and initiated membership to Pennsylvania Downtown Center. Pennsylvania Downtown Center (PDC) leads the movement to ensure that core communities of all shapes and sizes continue to prosper, and that communities that are experiencing social or financial difficulties are provided the tools to reclaim their vitality.

With his social media videos and posts he has helped give GHP a broader online presence. This helped bring new visitors to the site and to town. His plan is to make Honesdale a 365 day a year destination, meaning new residents to live, work, shop and enrichen Honesdale’s tax income. As a volunteer he has helped with all events and programs. His tireless work ethic and availability makes Brian Wilken the Volunteer of the Month.