GHP’s message to our community is similar to that you’ve heard from so many media reports, continue to practice good hygiene, cover your mouths when coughing or sneezing preferably with a tissue or elbow and stay home if you become sick. The Wayne County community is stronger together. Let’s take a step back from the barrage of media reports have patience with one another and continue to work together. The Greater Honesdale Partnership is a member-run organization however, the Honesdale community is where you will find our heart. We will be a service to any member or non-member looking for information. There is no better time to shop local.

We have listed useful links and resources for business owners, employees, and members of the community below.

Local Businesses Taking Action:

Business operations subject to change at any time

  • Groceries:
    • Dave’s Super Duper is providing delivery services local residents.  A minimum order of $20 (+$2 service fee) is required for those living within Honesdale Borough, and a minimum order of $25 (+$5 service fee) is required for those living outside of Honesdale Borough.  Call 570-251-9530.
  • Pharmacy
    • Stephens Pharmacy is allowing customers to call-in and place orders for supplies.  Customers can then pick-up their products through window service.   Delivery is also available Monday thru Friday.  Call 570-253-7700
  • Pet Supplies
    • Fins & Feathers will remain open as usual.  Pet supplies are listed as essential according to Governor Wolf’s Office.  Call 570-253-3132.
  • Banks
    • HNB – Lobby service is available by appointment only.  Drive-thru services remain open.  Call 570-253-3355.
    • The Dime Bank – Lobby service is available by appointment only.  Drive-thru services remain open.  Call 570-253-1902.
    • Wayne Bank – Community offices will be accessible via drive-thru ONLY. Call 800-598-5002
    • FNCB – Drive thru service only.  Call 570-253-1096.

  • Restaurants, Wineries, and Breweries
    • Hotel Wayne/Bistro 1202 – Takeout available from 11am to 9pm daily.  Order can be placed by calling 570-253-3290.
    • Paulies’ Hot Dogs – Takeout and delivery available every day from 10:30am to midnight.  Call 570-253-1998.
    • KC Pepper Bar & Grille – Takeout will be offered during regular business hours.  Call 570-253-0770 or text 570-229-6887.
    • Fiesta on Main – Offering curbside pickup and delivery within a 15-mile radius $2. Service charge will be added.  Call 570-352-3700.
    • Branko’s Patisserie du Jour – Take out is available with a complimentary tomato soup from 9am to 2pm.  Call 570-253-0311.
    • Scarfalloto’s Towne House – Take out and delivery within a 10-mile radius is available from 8am to 8pm.  Call 570-253-1311.
    • Laurel’s Hometown Café – Takeout and delivery services.  Call. 570-253-4774.
    • Papa’s Primo Pizza – Delivery Services 570-253-4830.
    • Native Food & Drink– Open for takeout Friday and Saturday.   Must pre-order the day prior.  Call 570-647-4933.
    • Antler Ridge Winery – Takeout and curbside available during normal business hours Thursday thru Sunday.  Call 570-253-7878.
    • Here & Now Brewing – Food & beer available for takeout Thursday thru Saturday 11am to 5pm.  Call 570-253-0700
    • Elegante Rest & Pizzeria – Takeout and curbside service.  Call 570-253-3244.
    • The Alpine Wurst & Meat House – Takeout available until 5pm daily.  Call 570-253-5899.
    • Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins – Open for takeout/drive-thru during normal hours.
    • Share the Love Cafe – Takeout and delivery available from 6am to 1pm.  Free pancakes for students K-12. Call 570-253-2462.
    • Hop Barons – Order “make at home meals” via their website $25.