Join the Greater Honesdale Partnership

Why Join The Greater Honesdale Partnership?

  • The Greater Honesdale Partnership represents you, the business owner in the greater Honesdale area.
  • Members receive a free listing in the “Visit Historic Honesdale” brochure which is printed annually and widely distributed by the Pocono Mountain Visitors Bureau, at PA Welcome Centers, and local businesses.
  • Members will receive a free listing on our web-site, including a direct link to their own web page.
  • Members receive substantial discounts on informative seminars designed specifically for the local business person.
  • The Partnership holds street and promotional events designed to increase tourism to, and promotion of, the greater Honesdale area.
  • The GHP promotes and refers member businesses
  • The GHP is your source of information about local events in the greater Honesdale area, and is your first point of contact for information about the greater Honesdale area.
  • The Greater Honesdale Partnership interacts with local government with your needs and concerns in mind.
  • The Partnership actively searches and applies for grant monies that can be used to improve our stores, businesses, and town.
  • Your membership dues go towards the promotion of the greater Honesdale area.

We’re stronger together…

As a member of the Greater Honesdale Partnership, you can look forward to benefits, designed to enhance our community and your business or organization.

New this year, GHP is collaborating with other organizations and businesses to share in promotion and increase the overall social media awareness of continuing events. Most importantly, your partnership helps support the Greater Honesdale area as a destination for visitors and shoppers but also as a place to plant a business. With your support, we can continue to create an environment for businesses where they can thrive. A vibrant and healthy Honesdale is the economic engine that will, in turn, help move forward a community that is relevant and sustainable for generations to come.

Progress Through Partnership


Partner with us to bring Honesdale into today’s business market. Together we can responsibly grow our community, businesses, share in marketing costs and resources.


The progress we ALL want to see only happens with your support. We want to make the Greater Honesdale Area competitive in today’s economy and demonstrate this is the place to plant your business.


Honesdale is a thriving historical landmark. We want to see it preserved, cultivated and sustainable the way it should.

Thank you in advance for investing in Honesdale and recognizing Greater Honesdale Partnership as being worthy of your support!

Designation requires Organizational Sustainability…….

The Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) offers communities the opportunity to
designate areas of a municipality or region for targeted investment and development for a period of five years.
Designation includes the identification of specific needs for investment and/or development and the design and/or
implementation of a strategy to address those needs.

Applicants may request designation as any one of the following:
• Keystone Main Street – focus on downtowns and commercial districts
• Keystone Elm Street – focus on residential areas and neighborhoods adjacent to the community’s
downtown or commercial district
• Keystone Enterprise Zone – focus on the deteriorated, distressed, and blighted industrial or
manufacturing areas of a community
• Keystone Community – alternative approach allowing for inclusion of one or more aspects of the
above designation options

The benefits to designation may include:
• Priority consideration for a variety of DCED programs,
• Technical assistance and training for the designated area manager, local board, and committee members
through DCED and other subject matter experts,
• Networking opportunities with other designated program areas, and
• Eligibility for consideration under the Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP).

5-Year Pledge for Organizational Sustainability
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Member 2 member discount program