GHP By-LAWS 2019

GREATER HONESDALE PARTNERSHIP ORGANIZATIONAL BYLAWS May 2000     ARTICLE I   NAME AND PRINCIPAL OFFICE   Section 1.                    The name of this Partnership shall be the Downtown Honesdale Revitalization, Inc., doing business as, the Greater Honesdale Partnership, hereinafter referred to as the “GHP” or the Partnership. The principal office shall reside at 616 Main Street, Second floor of The

June 2019 Minutes

Minutes Board of Directors Greater Honesdale Partnership June 12, 2019   Attending: Patti Bursis, Melissa Cotreau, Jack Dinan, Michael Dux, Kim Fisch, Mary Carol Hanis, Jill Hessling, Jeff Hiller, Tim Meagher, Joelee Motichka, Joy Shulatta, Brian Wilken, and Tim Wright Director: Lisa Burns Intern: Lilian Slate Non-Attending: Al Beck, Shane Ellis, Amy Lacinski, Michael G Stanton, Michael Rogers   President

BY-Laws with Changes

CURRENT ARTICLE X ELECTIONS Section 1 Nomination of non-current board members to fill vacancies on the board of directors will accepted by the Nominating Committee from September1 to September 15. Nominations must be in writing and include the name, address, and contact information of the nominee and the reason(s) that the nominator believes the person to be a good candidate

May Meeting Minutes

Minutes Board of Directors Greater Honesdale Partnership May 1, 2019   Attending: Patti Bursis, Jack Dinan, Kim Fisch, Mary Carol Hanis, Jeffrey Hiller, Amy Lacinski, Tim Meagher, Joelee Motichka, Michael Rogers, Joy Shulatta, Michael G Stanton, Brian Wilken and Tim Wright. Non-Attending: Al Beck, Melissa Cotreau, Mike Dux, Shane Ellis, Jill Hessling President Brian Wilken called the meeting to order

April Meeting Minutes 2019

Discussion regarding the need to start raising funding for fireworks. During conversation, a suggestion was made to have the board members be assigned five business to visit, and secure donations for the fireworks. This way it would alleviate some of the work from Keith and Lisa. The attending board members were in agreeance. Keith will be revising the tiered level sponsorship form starting with a $100.00 level and up. In addition, we will be looking into the possibility of starting up a Go-Fund-Me page for the community to donate.

2019 Board of Directors (74 kb)